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Week 1 Logbook

Published 1st October 2018 by Henry

Mood boards
Study lighting
GDC talks
GDC flipped normals transparency

First project 2 room map
for mobile
top down
don’t have any transparency
Think about what to create, do what you like
Finish art bible by Friday
Blockout wk2
Rewind – VR experiences

MA – Assignment1 – Mobile

New > Check ‘Artboards’
Alt click drag > new layer

Art Bible exercise (Red Sky in the Morning)

Started Maya for first time


Maya units are cm but UE4 uses world units so change grid settings
Display > Grid (click white square)

If maya crashes and you can’t reopen, Documents > maya > [YEAR] << delete this folder and open Maya. Prefs will be reset
You can also export your config so it can be copied to another machine

Find book on lighting Stan Kubrick


Look into Substance designer – procedural tex


Changes idea to hotel kitchen


Date, Location, Environment, Style, Context

Reference images

Game Type (e.g. Isometric)

Colour pallete


Asset list (inventory)

Plan (isometric/top down etc)

Environment scale

Reference your images

Kuler for palletes

Maya – assets

Modularity – keep everything to the 3m grid

Camera Attribute Editor:
In viewport > View > Camera Attribute Editor > Far Clip plane : adjust how much of scene is visible

Object channel box – object properties you can control

Isolate select – very useful for editing only one mesh

Top tip: Always keep the blue (Z) axes pointing to the bottom left

Shelf editor
You can add an icon to the selected shelf by Ctrl+Shift+Clicking on the option (e.g. Bevel)

Top tip! Show scene poly count info (worth shelving):
Display > Heads Up Display > Poly count

Reference images:
Create > Free Image Plane
Add to a layer, call it references and lock it

When editing a box cyl etc press T for floating atts

Hold control for sliders = fine tune

Top Tip! Hold J while rotating to snap
double click rotate tool and set Step Snap to Relative and you can also set the angle

Increment and Save: Ctrl + Alt + S

Content Browser:
Windows > General Editors > Content Browser

Use Unreal Engine 4.20

Exporting to UE4
Select the objects in Maya > File > Export Selected
Choose FBX
Check ‘Triangulate’ under Geometry
In UE4 Go to the Content Browser and create necessary folders
Right click > Import to …
Ensure ‘Convert coordinates’ checked
Uncheck ‘Import Materials’ and ‘Import Textures’

Blocking out v important

Mesh face extrusion along an EP curve:

Create EP curve
Create mesh
Select faces to extrude
Shift + select EP curve
Ctrl + E to extrude
Increase the subdivisions
Optimise the object by CTRL + del edge loops on straight bits

You may find that if you try to extrude along a curve it won’t work because the face is at the wrong end. You need to reverse the direction: Curves > Reverse Direction



Ensure to select Polygons and Quads

Tesselation method: General

Initial tesselation controls: U&V Type: Per span of iso parms

Black object? The normals are inverted. This is due to the direction of the curve. Reverse the direction of the curve OR reverse the face normals:

Curves > Reverse Direction

Mesh display > Reverse

Deform > Nonlinear (Bend is really useful)


To make a selection of faces flat, scale them.


TOP TIP: Hold W E R + LMB to see tool options overlay

Presented Art Bible



Needs to be in a PDF

Background image

Game type and style

Improve pallette

Layout of player movement

Annotations of block out

Needs to be richer, more explanation of everything

Name it Henry_Lockett_Service.pdf




Preparing to Escape


Art Bible Presentation (Week1)

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