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Week 1 Retrospective

Published 6th October 2018 by Henry

As a beginner to Maya and UE4, week one has been information overload however Christian will be recapping over topics regularly over the coming weeks.

We covered the basics of Maya, including a couple of simple ways to create a mesh (from primitives, revolve and extrusion). We recreated a simple scene from a reference photo (gas station) and explored different ways of modelling and adjusting a mesh.

Christian provided us with references to inspiring, informative and some essential books, articles and videos to be reading and watching over the course to help us with studies.

On day one we were introduced to our first assignment, which we will be working on for the next six weeks. We will be designing and building a mobile phone game level, which will be demonstrated at the end of the six week period on a Samsung mobile device. I will be keeping a log of how the project develops in the category Module 1.



Art Bible Presentation (Week1)


Week 2 Logbook

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