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Week 4 Logbook

Published 22nd October 2018 by Henry

Unreal materials


Texture Coordinates node: plug this into a texture’s UV input to change the amount of tiling. Useful to quickly resize textures in UE:


If you convert a node to a Parameter (right click> convert to parameter) you can create instances of the material and adjust those parameters. Really freaking useful for creating varieties of the material within the scene. These parameters can also be adjusted with Blueprints.


Normal Maps

RGB channels describe how material responds to light

R : Left-right (X)

G: Up-down (Y)

B: Less important, (Z)


Maya Scripts

You can add a script to the shelf to allow quick access to common functions.

  1. Click the console icon at the very bottom right corner
  2. Edit > Clear All (make sure there’s no extraneous code in there)
  3. Enter and run your script
  4. File > Save Script to Shelf
  5. Edit the new shelf icon so it’s named right and make sure the script actually saved in there, sometimes it doesn’t


In Maya, create simple meshes to encapsulate the actual mesh.

Name these meshes UCX_[NAMEOFMESH]_00 and group them with the original mesh

Export the Group to FBX

Import it to Unreal and ensure that the collision box is unchecked



APEX destruction plugin

Watch all the Substance Painter tutorials on Substance Academy

Michael Pavlovic youtube tutorials


Construction script: In the initial building on load

Event Graph: Things that happen after clicking play


Event Graph

Box collision

Edit a blueprint by clicking edit next to it in the outliner


Timeline node

LERP : Linear Interpolation

Use a LERP vector to manipulate in 3D space



Modelling Assets


Week 5 Logbook

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