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Week 5 Logbook

Published 29th October 2018 by Henry


The image shows the basic light setup for a new level.

Directional light: Onle angle matters. Will affect position of sun (update material on skySphere)

Point Light: Can adjust length (flourescent tubes!)

Spot light: You can adjust inner and outer cone angle

Sky light: Floods the level with light. You can also change the SLS Environment to SLS cubemap and specify a new HDR image.

Lightmass Important Volume: Important to have that within the scene to simulate light bounces. In this volume, light photons will bounce 3 times by default. Otherwise, the photon will bounce only once. Outdoor scenes without a LIV will therefore look darker.


Black edges on modular pieces

To do with shadow map resolution, it’s bleeding from the UVs being too close to each other. You need to create a new UV set in Maya with shells for all the faces with bleed.

  • UV sets > Copy to new UV set
  • Move shells around
  • Export FBX
  • Import into UE4 and UNCHECK generate lightmap UVs on Geometry section

Easier option is just to create separate UV shells for the mesh, then allow UE4 to layout the shells automatically by checking the Generate UVs box in LOD0. You can also set the Source and Destination Index so it knows which UV set to use:

For more info check out the UE4 docs: UE4 Lightmap Unwrapping

Also some useful stuff on worldofleveldesign.com

Anya Elvidge presentation

Nav Mesh Bounds issue… Delete the RecastNavMesh object and rebuild the paths, it will refresh the nav.

Android Packaging

Install the CodeWorks SDK

Settings > Project Settings > Platforms > Android

You can set Icons and Splash Screens etc

Platforms > Android SDK: Set all the locations of the SDK (C:\NVPACK\…\…)

Lighting continued

Graph for a flicker effect:


Dynamic lighting should be used really sparingly; it should only be for the sun or a single light in your scene.


Sphere Reflection Capture : Place around the scene to generate realistic reflections and to improve lighting.


Really important setting: Static lighting level scale. You can up the overall brightness of the scene.

Check Use Ambient Occlusion when you build the lights



Week 4 Logbook


Service - HTML5 Level Demo

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