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Week 7 Retrospective

Published 17th November 2018 by Henry

Zbrush basics

This week I worked on a skull on a table scene, to introduce the most common features of ZBrush. I started by sculpting the skull, starting with a primitive from Maya and importing that mesh into Zbrush. I used Kuadro to display a reference image overlay so I could check sculpting accuracy as I went.

Zbrush has a variety of brushes that offer a wide range of stroke styles which resemble real-world applications such as clay, chisel, hammer and crumple.

Once the shape of the skull was complete I applied details to the skull using alpha maps created from actual photographs of skulls. This was particularly useful for creating the crack down the centre of the skull, and for small cavities.

I also used an alpha to mask the table top. The table top is a cylindrical shape. I used Subdivision levels to increase the polygon count to about 1.5 million, which provides sufficient detail for sculpting. Using a pattern taken from a mayan calendar I then masked the circular shape of the table top and then used the clay buildup tool to extrude the pattern out of the mesh. I used Dynamesh to redistribute faces around the mesh at regular intervals during the sculpting process, so as to avoid areas of low detail and pinching.






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