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Week 10 Logbook

Published 3rd December 2018 by Henry

UE4 Materials

Ctrl and click node connections to disconnect all and reconnect to something else

Heightmaps need to be minimum 0.5 grey if they are next to another object because black will push in, white protrudes. 0.5 is the normal level.

If you can’t save an images as TGA, check the Mode is 8-bit

If a normal needs inverting in UE, check the ‘Flip green channel’ box in the texture:

Refer to UE Materials Reference UE project for fancy effects!


Vertex Painting

Linear Interpolate between colours using the Vertex Colour node.

Use R G B channels, not the combined vchannel

Select the the channel you are using on the LERP to adjust vert colours.

Hold Shift while painting to Erase.

You can add more lerps using the other channels to add more colours:

LERP is a mask just like in substance painter, so you can use something like BnW clouds to mix up your materials


Vertex Painting

Important: When creating PBR textures, basecolor should be between the 50-240 V range (HSV). Read the Allegorthmic PBR guide.



Week 9 Retrospective


Week 10 Retrospective

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