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Week 10 Retrospective

Published 7th December 2018 by Henry

Dug deeper into Unreal Engine’s powerful materials builder, including building materials which can be used in conjunction with vertex painting to create variation over surfaces. This is particularly useful for example on tiling textures to avoid repetition over large areas.

Expanding on that I also learned about using the HeightLERP node which allows for the blending of textures based on height information. This is useful, for example, for texturing thin snow and ice onto rocks where some rocks may show through the snow.

I also learned about subsurface scattering and creating SSS maps which can be used in Unreal Engine, and the fresnel node which outputs a grayscale map which varies based on the angle it is viewed from. This is particularly useful for reflections and refractions.



Week 10 Logbook


Week 11 Logbook

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