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Week 15

Published 28th January 2019 by Henry

Maya Script Editor

Middle click and drag a line of script to the shelf to add it as a function.

Voronoi shattering

Create locators

Group them

Select mesh first, then locator group

Use legacy particles, not nparticles for now



FX > Fields/Solvers> Create active rigid body

Then create a passive rigid body for the active one to hit

If you need to reset the object because you want to edit it, Edit > delete by type > rigid bodies


Magnitude is default 9.8 which is meters per second, but it needs to be 98 as  we are working with cm and this is closer to real world

Window > Relationship Editors > Dynamic…




Construction script – run at build, set material instances etc

Random Unit Number From Stream – You can use a seed to set a random number for an instance based on a seed number

Instance Editable – Whether the parameter can be modified on an individual instance or on all of those actors in the class. Parameter will show in PIE.

Transform node is a struct data type of 3 vectors

TOP TIP : Promote to Variable – means you can use the created thing elsewhere easily e.g. Material Instance Dynamic -> promote to variable

Random Float In Range node – useful!

Component – this is a thing that exists in a blueprint, whereas an Actor exists in scene

User Input

Class defaults – set to player zero


Game – The Witness

Game – Obduction

World Aligned Texturing



Particle emitters – You can randomly flip UVs to add a bit more variety





Week 14


Maya MEL: Create a locator at selected vertices

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