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Fireplace Simulator in Unreal Engine

This VFX project was an exploration into creating realistic fire which would burn from ignition, through initial burn to a roaring flame and then eventually dying.

Setting variables of a spawned actor in Unreal Engine

As an example, say you want to spawn a blueprint actor called BP_FIRE_LOG and give it a unique ID number so that it can be referenced in the level.

Maya MEL: Create a locator at selected vertices

// Select the vertices you want a locator at and run this MEL script. . string $vertices[] = `ls -sl -fl`; for($v in $vertices){ float $pos[] = `xform -q -ws -t $v`; string $newLoc[] = `s...

Service – HTML5 Level Demo


Modelling Assets

The level will feature a variety of re-usable and some one-off assets. I will be using my experience of modelling in 3D Studio Max combined with recent skills learned in the classroom with Maya to pro...

Concept and Initial Design

My first assignment is to design an area for a level in a game, to be run on a mobile device.

Preparing to Escape

I'm currently sat on a little sofa next to Laurel, in our van, which is parked on the island of Mosterøy, Norway.