A blog by Henry Lockett about CGI, doing up a van and web development, amongst other things. Soon to be living in London.

Week 8 Logbook

Michael Pavlovich tutorials Baking in Maya Bevel edges without chamfer Choose Rendering from TL dropdown Tangent space - different for different software Tangent space is same as relative space, as opposed to World space Mikkt tangent space - look up Mikktspace workflow Crucial - make sure to triangulate is checked at first export because different software triangulates in different directions UV Smoothing groups Seams appear on UV shell sides because direction of light rays Harden all V borders, Soften all others   Set hard and soft edges script HardEdges Use this MEL script to create a custom shelf command which you can apply to any primitive   Naming convention baking Put meshes into groups of low and high:   Zbrush A really nice workflow to get meshes from Zbrush baked Polygroups > Group by normals then Geometry > Crease > Crease PG (Crease by polygroups) Subdivide as much as required Do some sculpting! Del Lower Then Geometry > Dynamesh > change resolution to whatever is needed (eg 1024) Dynamesh evenly distributes polygons as much as possible across the whole mesh Decimate and bake!.

Week 7 Logbook

Zbrush Alt + Click on object : select that sub tool   Brush Alt + click drag : opposite effect / different effect (e.

Module 2 Assignment


Service – HTML5 Level Demo


Week 5 Logbook

Lighting The image shows the basic light setup for a new level. Directional light: Onle angle matters.

Week 4 Logbook

Unreal materials   Texture Coordinates node: plug this into a texture's UV input to change the amount of tiling.

Modelling Assets

The level will feature a variety of re-usable and some one-off assets. I will be using my experience of modelling in 3D Studio Max combined with recent skills learned in the classroom with Maya to produce some simple, low-polygon assets which keep the level within the 120k triangle limit.

Service – Playable Demo First Test


Week 3 Logbook

Mesh modelling tutorials Booleans (Intersection and Union) Improving geometry by removing triangles IMPORTANT: Ctrl + Del on Edges to delete vertices as well, otherwise you will be left with floating vertices Target weld to merge vertices and make geometry more efficient Display > Polygons > Custom Polygon Display.

Week 2 Retrospective

We started off the week with a review of our art bibles for the first module project.

Concept and Initial Design

My first assignment is to design an area for a level in a game, to be run on a mobile device.

Week 2 Logbook

Model something every day - Kristian Avigni, 2018 In keeping with this quote I will be modelling something every day.

Week 1 Retrospective

As a beginner to Maya and UE4, week one has been information overload however Christian will be recapping over topics regularly over the coming weeks.

Art Bible Presentation (Week1)

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Week 1 Logbook

Mood boards Cinematography Study lighting GDC talks GDC flipped normals transparency First project 2 room map for mobile top down don't have any transparency Think about what to create, do what you like Finish art bible by Friday Blockout wk2 Rewind - VR experiences MA - Assignment1 - Mobile Photoshop New > Check 'Artboards' Alt click drag > new layer Art Bible exercise (Red Sky in the Morning) Started Maya for first time MAYA: Maya units are cm but UE4 uses world units so change grid settings Display > Grid (click white square) If maya crashes and you can't reopen, Documents > maya > [YEAR] << delete this folder and open Maya.

Preparing to Escape

I'm currently sat on a little sofa next to Laurel, in our van, which is parked on the island of Mosterøy, Norway.