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Behold, racking transforms into a kitchen before your very eyes.

Stable Door

I bought an old stable door without measuring the gap first. Foolish.

Back Wall

Started building the back wall.

Radiator fan ventilation

I've wired in a car radiator fan to provide ventilation at the front of the van.

USB Sockets

To keep power usage down, USB sockets will provide power for lighting.

Leisure Battery & 240V Hookup

The next job is to install the leisure battery and mains hookup so we have power in the back for lighting and charging.

Racking Furniture

I'm no carpenter, so rather than putting together some wobbly wooden structures, I took the easy option and used some lightweight racking.

Vinyl floor and cladding

It took all of 5 minutes to lay down the 3m x 2m wood effect vinyl sheet.

Floor insulation

Having finished the ceiling insulation, I decided to do the floor next before I start the walls, the reason being it makes more sense for the wall insulation and cladding to rest on top of the ply lin...

Ceiling Insulation

With the Luton box insulation finished, I continued working along the ceiling, cutting 50mm polystyrene rectangles to slot in between the batten wood I fixed in place previously.

Insulating the luton box

I finally got around to starting the insulation - only 2 months behind schedule!


Out with the rotten ply floor boards, in with the decking timber.

Fixing the roof pt2

They said it wouldn't rain. It rained.

Fixing the roof pt1

Today I started work on the van... How exciting! Even though it commenced with one of the least glamorous of jobs - cleaning the roof - it was still great.

The Van Plan

I can't do anything without modelling up a plan in 3D first.

New van: VW LT35

And so it begins... This is the van we'll be doing up an hopefully living in for a while next year.