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Advanced MatCap Material

Published 17th August 2021 by Henry

Advanced MatCap for Unreal Engine 4 improves on classic MatCap by making it play nicely with free camera movement and rotation. So you can now add beautiful, cheap MatCap materials to your VR project.

Advanced MatCap Material is now available on Epic Marketplace and Gumroad:

Get Advanced MatCap Material (Epic)

Get Advanced MatCap Material (Gumroad)

What’s so great about “Advanced” MatCap?

Essentially, classic matcap doesn’t work with VR any application that has a freely moving/rotating camera. This video demonstrates the difference:

Advanced MatCap Designer

This asset pack also includes Advanced MatCap Designer which allows you to quickly create your own custom MatCap textures within Unreal Editor.

Here’s a quick video to get you started using Advanced MatCap Designer:

Automotive MatCap Textures

Free to download and use as you wish, these matcap textures were created in Unreal Engine using the Advanced MatCap Designer toolset. Enjoy!

Download Automotive MatCaps

More MatCap Textures

There are thousands of free MatCap textures out there to download and use with Advanced MatCap in your next project. I recommend Nidorx’s MatCap Collection, I have provided a mirror:

Download Nidorx’s MatCaps Pack 1 Download Nidorx’s MatCaps Pack 2

Source: GitHub – https://github.com/nidorx/matcaps



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