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Advanced Texture Bombing Material

Published 20th October 2023 by Henry

This set of easy-to-use material functions provides texture bombing with the addition of PBR support, corrected normal textures and a triplanar option.

How To Use

The included master material M_ATB_PBR provides a comprehensive example of the material functions’ usage:


This function allows you to pass in the mesh’s UVs and apply randomisation to the texture tiles’ position and rotation. As this is designed for a PBR workflow, you can pass in 3 textures simultaneously, in this case BaseColor, SRM and Normal.

The amount of randomisation applied can be adjusted with the scalar parameters Jitter Amount and Rotation Amount.

You have the option to pass in seeds, to vary the randomisation, although this isn’t essential.



This function behaves in the exact same way as the above, with the added feature of applying triplanar mapping to the textures. This means you do not have to specify UVs.

This function also takes a boolean parameter, isWorldSpace, which toggles whether the triplanar is World or Local space.

Additionally, for this function to work, the AdvancedTriplanarInitialise function needs to be included in the material graph as below:


Working examples of each material function are presented in the demo level L_ATB_Demo:



Marketplace Product Information

Texture bombing is a desirable feature as it allows tiled textures to be applied with randomisation of position and rotation in order to break up repetition over large areas.

Advanced Texture Bombing adds improved features over Unreal Engine’s included texture bombing functions. These include:

  • Neatly organised material graphs
  • PBR support – pass in 2x textures (e.g. BaseColor and Spec/Rough/Metal) and a Normal map
  • Position and Rotation adjustment
  • Triplanar Mapping

Advanced Texture Bombing is ideal for texturing landscapes and large areas or for texturing prototype meshes that don’t have UVs.

Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances:

  • 1x Master Material
  • 8x Material Instances
  • 2x Material Functions:
  • AdvancedTextureBombing
  • AdvancedTriplanarTextureBombing

Number of Textures:

  • 5x PBR Texture Sets:
  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • Metal (Holes)
  • Metal (Steel)
  • Sand

Texture Resolutions: All 2048×2048

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes




Advanced Triplanar Material


Advanced Flipbooks

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