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Advanced Flipbooks

The Advanced Flipbook material function is a significant improvement over the standard Unreal Engine flipbook function, designed to deliver ultra-smooth flipbook animations with enhanced performance a...

Advanced Texture Bombing Material

This set of easy-to-use material functions provides texture bombing with the addition of PBR support, corrected normal textures and a triplanar option.

Advanced Triplanar Material

Triplanar material functions often overlook normal maps because they require correction in order to appear accurate.

Advanced MatCap Material

Advanced MatCap for Unreal Engine 4 improves on classic MatCap by making it play nicely with free camera movement and rotation.

Animating materials from blueprints without using timelines

Timelines are expensive, so in this guide I will demonstrate how to trigger a simple animation on a material using blueprint events.

Triggering events between actors in Unreal Engine

This is useful for, for example, triggering different weather conditions. In this example I'll add different types of snow.

Fireplace Simulator in Unreal Engine

This VFX project was an exploration into creating realistic fire which would burn from ignition, through initial burn to a roaring flame and then eventually dying.

Flipbook Tool for Unreal Engine

Flipbook tool for Unreal Engine - easily make an animated flipbook texture without Adobe After Effects

Setting variables of a spawned actor in Unreal Engine

As an example, say you want to spawn a blueprint actor called BP_FIRE_LOG and give it a unique ID number so that it can be referenced in the level.