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Fixing the roof pt1

Today I started work on the van... How exciting! Even though it commenced with one of the least glamorous of jobs - cleaning the roof - it was still great.

Published 5th November 2017 by Henry

To clean the roof I bought a deck cleaning brush which did a great job as it has firm bristles which scrape off all the muck and lichen that have built up and seemingly welded themselves on. After an hour or so of scrubbing, the layer of grime is almost completely gone and the GRP is ready for sanding.

Having owned the van for a few weeks now, I’ve had time to find out a bit more about it and one of the things I’ve learned is that the roof leaks in two areas: over the cab where the front passenger side of the box has taken a bash, and at the rear driver’s side where there’s a neat little hole and a long tear in the GRP.

To fix the holes I used a fibreglass repair kit, which seemed to do the job well but time will tell. Once the fibreglass has cured completely I’ll sand it again before applying a resin-based roof sealant paint. Hopefully this will provide weatherproofing for many years to come.



The Van Plan


Fixing the roof pt2

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