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Fixing the roof pt2

They said it wouldn't rain. It rained.

Published 14th November 2017 by Henry

Having cleaned the roof and patched some holes last week, this morning I set out to finish preparing the roof for applying the roof sealant. There was still quite a bit of dirt on there so I went over it with the brush again and then sanded it all off. Finally I washed and dried it ready for the sealant.

The sealant I’ve used is called Bostik Flexacryl which is thick, goopy stuff. It’s like a cross between Hammerite and GRP, as it’s a paint full of glass fibres. The fibres do a really good job of filling any gaps up to 10mm wide.

Once the rain had come and gone, I managed to get out for the last couple of hours of daylight and finish the job. The 5kg tin of Flexacryl more than covered it, with about a quarter of a tin remaining. It’s amazing stuff, but it really didn’t like water much, so I had to make sure the surface was dry as a bone before even thinking of applying it.



Fixing the roof pt1



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