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Insulating the luton box

I finally got around to starting the insulation - only 2 months behind schedule!

Published 12th January 2018 by Henry

As a DIY newbie, starting this job was a bit of a psychological hurdle. After a lot of staring at the space, wondering what would be the best way to approach it, I decided to keep it simple and just use 3 short lengths of the 50mm batten wood to create a cavity to fill with 50mm polystyrene insulation and expanding foam.

I’ve banned pozi and flathead screws from this conversion as they are rubbish, so I used torx wood screws and angle brackets to secure the batten. I cut the insulation to the correct shape and put it in place before this. Finally I generously squirted expanding foam in behind the insulation and around the edges to secure it and to provide more insulation.





Ceiling Insulation

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